As you know I am big advocate for taking control of our own health. The first step in doing this is to listen to your body.

As most of us are staying home and slowing down, this is a great time to stay still and listen to our bodies. 

How do you feel?  
Are you Tired?
Feeling Achy?
Sore Joints?
Mentally Foggy?
Feeling Down?

Your Circulation can be causing you to feel this way.If you ignore your symptoms, bad things can happen that can result into dis-ease. 

What can you do?

When you increase oxygen and blood flow your circulation improves, resulting into a healthier body.Get outside and breathe fresh air, Go for walks in nature, Exercise, Increase your water intake, Avoid processed food and sugar, Increase your vitamins and minerals.

Daily Practices

Besides the things I just mentioned. Start each day with a
Meditation Practice. This can give you great focus and clarity.
Affirmations  What you tell yourself is very powerful. Positive words and affirmation will lift your spirits and give you courage to be who you want to be.


Whether you practice yoga or just get on the floor to stretch will make you feel taller, looser and more limber. Slowing down and taking deep breathes into your stretch will allow you to get deeper, bringing oxygen into your tissues. This will help with your stiff muscles whether you spend the day sedentary at the computer or TV, or out doing yard work and a new project around the house.

Water and Nutrition 

What you put into your body determines how your body will feel and heal. Better nutritious foods and supplements can give you more energy and make you feel good. Water is very important when it comes to your circulations and hydration. You must keep the blood flowing in order to get the nutrients into your cells and to your organs to improve your health. Think of your body as a stream, when it is stagnant and drying up it becomes sluggish and debris lingers around. When it rains, water starts to flow and all the debris washes away. There is more life, plants grow and fish are plentiful.