Bemer Therapy – Feel Better Fast With a Bemer Session

spartaworks September 8, 2023 Blog

I always have a Bemer near me and my next Bemer therapy session is never far off. I use one every night while sleeping! My husband wraps his knees with a Bemer after jogs or bike rides. My niece even wraps her thoroughbred, Lucky Charm, in a Bemer to help him prepare for competition. Yes, […]

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15 Foods That Cause Bloating – More Ways to Beat the Bloat

spartaworks September 8, 2023 Blog

Certain foods can cause bloating or contribute to it. These foods tend to cause discomfort in some individuals due to their potential for gas buildup or cause other digestive issues. Keep in mind that everyone’s digestive system is different, and what may cause bloating for one person may not affect another. Here’s a list of […]

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Non Bloating Breakfast – The Secret Foods that Beat Bloat

spartaworks September 6, 2023 Blog

On our quest for the non bloating breakfast, we have a list of some tried and true winners. There’s nothing worse than starting your day with that uncomfortable, bloated feeling. Whether it’s caused by overindulging the night before or certain foods that don’t agree with your digestive system, bloating can put a damper on your […]

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Supplements for Bloating – Beat the Bloat!

spartaworks September 5, 2023 Blog

Quick links to the important topics we’ll cover: 5 Best Supplements for Bloating 5 Best Vitamins for Bloating Diet vs Supplements for Bloating Bloating is the worst! Yes, there are supplements for bloating that can help make you feel better, but really we should all be aiming for a naturally regulated gut that isn’t prone […]

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Foot Roller Massagers – Easing Aching Feet and Beyond

spartaworks August 31, 2023 Blog

You’d be surprised how much good a foot roller massager can do. See, every day at Spartaworks I see clients who come in and tell me their feet are killing them and of course, well executed massage therapy works wonders for sore feet. But what about at home? Our feet bear the brunt of our […]

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Should You Get a Deep Tissue or a Swedish Massage?

spartaworks August 25, 2023 Blog

In the realm of relaxation and wellness, two heavyweights often steal the spotlight: the deep tissue massage and the Swedish massage. But which one reigns supreme? Let’s go through a few of the differences, benefits, and scenarios that make each massage technique unique, and better suited for different circumstances. Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle […]

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How Can Tight Muscles Result in Back Pain?

spartaworks August 20, 2023 Blog

Quick Answer: Tight and stiff muscles can cause back pain by pulling various musculoskeletal structures out of alignment. When muscles become tense, they can create imbalances affecting posture and the way we move. That can stress the spine, joints, and surrounding tissues, causing back pain. Additionally, tight muscles can limit range of motion and flexibility, […]

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My Body Feels Heavy and Sluggish – Help!

spartaworks August 10, 2023 Blog

We’ve all been there – those days when your body feels like it’s running on fumes, and every step feels like a chore. But fear not! If your energy levels have hit rock bottom, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s dive into the art of combating tiredness and sluggishness. From the […]

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Ion Foot Baths – Detox & Feel Great

spartaworks August 7, 2023 Blog

Today we’re going low, to the part of your body that takes so much abuse… your feet. All the rage is the ion foot bath – also known as an ionic foot detox – and what it can do to help you detox and feel great. Let’s dig through it. Many of my clients have […]

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I’m Tired of Feeling Tired – How to Increase Your Energy and Reduce Fatigue

spartaworks August 1, 2023 Blog

“I’m tired of being tired!” That is the single most common complaint I hear after two decades and thousands of massages. Nobody ever seems to hit the snooze button, it’s no wonder why so many of us are feeling like we could use a nap…all the time! The hustle and bustle of life, coupled with […]

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Staying Healthy at Home

spartaworks December 2, 2021 Blog

As you know I am big advocate for taking control of our own health. The first step in doing this is to listen to your body...

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