On our quest for the non bloating breakfast, we have a list of some tried and true winners. There’s nothing worse than starting your day with that uncomfortable, bloated feeling. Whether it’s caused by overindulging the night before or certain foods that don’t agree with your digestive system, bloating can put a damper on your morning.

But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the best non-bloating breakfast foods that will help you kick start your day feeling light and energized.


Oatmeal is a breakfast classic for good reason. It’s packed with soluble fiber, which aids digestion and helps regulate bowel movements. The fiber in oatmeal also keeps you feeling full without the bloat. Opt for unsweetened versions and add fresh berries or a drizzle of honey for natural sweetness.

Watch out for pre-packaged individual oatmeal servings. These can have whopping doses of sugar. Combined with the high carb load of oatmeal to begin with, and you’ll send your blood sugar to the moon. Grab some protein along with this choice, and opt for steel cut or whole rolled oatmeal. Or – one of our favorites is Oat Bran. Bob’s Redmill makes a good one. Though try a small portion first, it has a huge fiber punch and may be a bit much for some.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics, which promote a healthy gut microbiome. It’s also high in protein, keeping you satisfied throughout the morning. Be sure to choose plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt to avoid added sugars, which can contribute to bloating.


Eggs are a versatile and nutritious breakfast option. They’re rich in protein and essential nutrients. You can prepare them in various ways—scrambled, boiled, or poached—without worrying about bloating. Eggs are also low in carbohydrates, making them a suitable choice for those watching their carb intake.

This should be at the top of the list. Eat three eggs (or four!) and you’ll be satiated until lunch, no blood sugar spike, no bloating. It really is the best non bloating, nutrition-packed breakfast food.


Bananas are not only delicious but also easy on the stomach. They contain potassium, which can help balance sodium levels and reduce water retention that might contribute to bloating. Plus, they provide a quick energy boost, making them an ideal choice for busy mornings.

BUT – Bananas are a bit of a sugar bomb. So if you’re trying to control your appetite or hunger, you may want a good dose of protein along with your banana.


A well-balanced smoothie with ingredients like spinach, kale, almond milk, and a scoop of protein powder can provide you with essential nutrients and fiber while being gentle on your digestive system. Be cautious with ingredients like high-lactose dairy products or excessive amounts of cruciferous vegetables, as they can cause bloating in some individuals.

Choose a protein product that you tolerate well and stay away from milk or dairy and try almond milk or water.

non bloating chia pudding with fruit

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a fantastic source of soluble fiber and healthy fats. When mixed with liquids like almond milk or yogurt, they form a gel-like consistency that can aid digestion and promote a feeling of fullness without bloating. Consider making a chia pudding or adding a tablespoon to your yogurt or smoothie.

Try this: The night before, add a couple tablespoons of Chia to about 6 ounces of almond milk. I like using mason jars with lids. Combine it and shake it up. (I have no idea if this does anything, but it sure seems like when I don’t shake, I get separation the next morning.) Shake it up, toss in a small handful of walnuts, and an handful of frozen blueberries. The next morning you’ll have a non-bloating breakfast that the rest of the family will be super jealous about.


Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which can help break down proteins and aid in digestion. It’s a low-calorie and naturally sweet fruit that can be enjoyed on its own or in a fruit salad.

Starting your day with non-bloating breakfast foods sets the tone for a comfortable and energized morning. Incorporating these options into your breakfast routine can help you avoid that uncomfortable bloated feeling and keep your digestive system happy. Remember that individual sensitivities vary, so it’s essential to pay attention to how your body responds to different foods. Experiment with these breakfast choices and find the combinations that work best for you. A non-bloating breakfast not only keeps you comfortable but also supports your overall well-being.