Foot Roller Massagers – Easing Aching Feet and Beyond

spartaworks August 31, 2023 Blog

You’d be surprised how much good a foot roller massager can do. See, every day at Spartaworks I see clients who come in and tell me their feet are killing them and of course, well executed massage therapy works wonders for sore feet. But what about at home? Our feet bear the brunt of our […]

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Should You Get a Deep Tissue or a Swedish Massage?

spartaworks August 25, 2023 Blog

In the realm of relaxation and wellness, two heavyweights often steal the spotlight: the deep tissue massage and the Swedish massage. But which one reigns supreme? Let’s go through a few of the differences, benefits, and scenarios that make each massage technique unique, and better suited for different circumstances. Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle […]

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