Bemer Therapy – Feel Better Fast With a Bemer Session

spartaworks September 8, 2023 Blog

I always have a Bemer near me and my next Bemer therapy session is never far off. I use one every night while sleeping! My husband wraps his knees with a Bemer after jogs or bike rides. My niece even wraps her thoroughbred, Lucky Charm, in a Bemer to help him prepare for competition. Yes, […]

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How Can Tight Muscles Result in Back Pain?

spartaworks August 20, 2023 Blog

Quick Answer: Tight and stiff muscles can cause back pain by pulling various musculoskeletal structures out of alignment. When muscles become tense, they can create imbalances affecting posture and the way we move. That can stress the spine, joints, and surrounding tissues, causing back pain. Additionally, tight muscles can limit range of motion and flexibility, […]

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